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Ihålig glasfiberväv 160g/m² Twill, bredd 92cm

Hollow glass fibre fabric 160g/m²

Hollow glass fibre — a new Low Density Structural Material

H-glass are Hollow glass fibres made of a proprietary blend of alkali-free alumino borosilicate glass.

H-glass is a lower density fibre in comparison with a „solid“ E-glass or S-2 Glass, thus reducing the overall weight of cured laminates by up to 40 %! H-glass is more elastic, has higher compression strength and specific strength characteristics compare to „solid“ E-glass fibres. The hollow structure of H-glass fibres is responsible for significant improvement in their dielectric, thermo-insulating and acoustic insulation properties in comparison to standard „solid“ glass and carbon fibres.

All the above make H-glass hollow fibres an attractive material for manufacturing of a wide range of composite products, such as antenna and radoms (a cost effective solution compare to the high cost quartz fibres), cured laminates for electrical insulation, aircraft interiors and sandwich structures (resulting of a lower weight, higher thermal and acoustical insulation panels), a lower weight and higher bending and compression strength structural composite parts for use in aerospace, automotive and sporting goods products.

Technical data 160g/m2:
Thread count / cm warp: 24 +1
Thread count/ cm weft: 18 ± 1
Areal weight  g/m²: 160 ± 3
Thickness mm: 0.19 ± 0.035
Finish: Amino silane 

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