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Basco Thinner 0,9 kg

Basco Thinner

To dilute Polyurethane lacquers such as BascoPrime and BascoClear

Technical data:

  • Processing: To adjust the process viscosity
  • Base: Solvent blend with flashpoint over 21 °C
  • Density: ca. 0.882 g/cm³
  • Dosage: As necessary

To adjust the viscosity of lacquers and to clean or degrease substrate and equipment

Additional information:
The Basco varnish system is a new product line for high-gloss and matt coats on carbon design parts, e.g. for sports equipment, automobile parts, designer applications, to name but a few. It is also suitable for aluminised glass fibre design parts and carbon design fabrics (with coloured yarns). 
This system lets you easily apply a smooth, transparent, and UV-stabilised overlay to moulded surfaces (i.e. lined with carbon fabric and impregnated with epoxy or polyester resin) for a high-gloss look. 

Also great as a clear coat for metal, paint and wood surfaces.

BascoClear matt and glossy can be mixed together in order to set a desired level of gloss.Such preliminary tests is essential.

50 % mat and 50 % glossy achieve a silkmat gloss
20 % mat and 80 % glossy achieve a silky gloss


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