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INFUTAC 500 ml


High strength infusion molding spray adhesive speciffically designed to hold reinforcing fibres in place during resin infusion process without affecting surface finish. Infutac is used for infusion, vaccum moulding and RTM. Infutac will not interfere with the curing process of vinylesters, polyesters or epoxy resins: the adhesive is designed to ultimately become part of the polymer matrix.

Fine mist adhesive with green tracer for accuracy in application.

INFUTAC is an infusion adhesive specifically designed to hold
reinforcing fibers in place.

• Used for Infusion, vacuum moulding or RTM.
• Safely Fuses Laminating Materials to Structural Core Surfaces
• Provides Superior Holding During Forming Process
• Allows Resin to Obtain Maximum Tensile Sheer Strength
• Low Shrinkage in Curing
• Fine Mist Adhesive with green tracer for accuracy in application
• Fast Tack
• HAPS Fre