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Styling Lera 2,3kg

Styling lera att forma och skapa prototyper i.

Fungerar bra som spalltfyllnad vid formtillverkning.


Technical data:
Wax, oil, fillers, pigments
Densitiy: 1.45 g/cm³, de-aired
Colour: Brown
Odour: Neutral
Shelf life: Unlimited, avoid temperaturs over 70 °C
Processing temperature: 55-60 °C
Penetration (hardness): 20 °C = 30, 40 °C = 85, 60 °C = 132 (DIN 51579)
insoluble in water, partially soluble in organic solvents
Toxicological properties: The clay does not contain any substances that are harmful to health or irritate the skin

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